How Wendy’s Stole the Twitter Crown—Sorry Burger King

In my last post, I discussed why Burger King did not deserve a crown for their Instagram practices. Their main pitfalls were their lack of engagement, lack of hashtag use, and their inability to stick to a schedule. In this post, I continue discussing Burger King’s weaknesses, however, I set out to compare the Twitter use of the two fast food brands. Below, I compare Burger King’s social media use on Twitter with one of their biggest competitors—Wendy’s. It is apparent that Burger King may be the king of fast food, but Wendy’s is coming for their crown on Twitter.

As my classmate, Genevieve, pointed out in her blog post, Wendy’s is killing the Twitter game. They are engaged and humorous on the app. They also try to be as relatable as possible to seem like they are more than just a brand. The two brands are doing similar things on the app, but Wendy’s is much more successful in their Twitter use and the question is why?

1. All Hail the Queen of Relatability

Screenshot from Wendy’s Twitter Account-
Stealing the Twitter Crown

Wendy’s holds the crown for not only being humorous on the platform, but also relatable with their followers. Both brands use pop culture references to seem relatable with their followers and follows Sprout Social’s 5 Social Media Best Practices Every Marketer Must Follow’s emphasis. They state that engaging with followers helps a brand seem more relatable and humanizes them. Wendy’s does it better. They really lean into the pop culture references of the time and interact with their followers about what is going on. As shown in the screenshot to the right, Wendy’s takes relatability to the next level. They’re able to get over nine thousand likes on a simple quote tweet.

A Humorous Attempt at Taking the Twitter Crown Back

Burger King does try to stay relevant in pop culture. While it is done well, and they seem fairly relatable, the king is not getting the amount of humor is done well and is pretty well received, the responses they get do not hold a candle to Wendy’s. Below, I provided screenshots from both Burger King and Wendy’s Twitter account. While they were both aiming to be relatable to their followers, Wendy’s tweet shows much more success in terms of retweets and likes. The screenshot to the left shows a similar tweet to the Wendy’s tweet, discussed above. Their quote tweet received around two thousand lines, seven thousand less than Wendy’s.

2. All Hail the Queen of Engagement

Responsiveness is critical for brand success. Hubspot’s Ultimate Guide to Using Twitter for Business in 2020, suggests that engaging, responding, and getting the audience involved is key to thriving on social media. Both brands do make an effort to be responsive and engaging by replying and quote tweeting their followers. Burger King does try to engage with their followers on Twitter, they reply to disgruntled customers and sometimes even engage further than just a “DM us” tweet. However, they do not commit fully to their engagement—at least not at the same level as their competitor.

Wendy’s engages with followers literally all day—sometimes from as early as 7 am to as late as midnight. They made a commitment to engage with more than just people with complaints. They also spend a lot of time replying to funny tweets and are working to build a connection with their followers.

3. All Hail the Queen of Laughter

Burger King and Wendy’s have very similar voices on Twitter. While both of their brands typically aim toward families, their target audience on Twitter is actually quite different. Both of the brands take a much younger and humorous approach to the platform. Genevive credits Bonfire’s Ultimate Social Media Practices of 2019 to discuss how humor used effectively ups your chances of eliciting a fast, viral sensation.  Wendy’s is definitely sticking to that piece of advice.

Wendy’s is known for “roasting” people on Twitter—which their followers actually love. Many people even try to tweet at Wendy’s to get made fun of. Wendy’s has really stuck with the voice they have created. Additionally, they also make fun of their competitors on Twitter, something that is very well received by their followers.  

Burger King also tries to elicit a laugh out of their followers, but really falls short in comparison to their competitor. They make fun of themselves and their followers often on the platform, and once again, falls short in comparison to Wendy’s.

How Can Burger King Get their Crown Back?

Burger King’s social media practices are moving in the right direction. They try to engage with their followers and bring humor to the app, but they have a long road ahead of them before they can truly be an example of social media best practices.

As previously mentioned, both Wendy’s and Burger King and doing similar things on Twitter, but they are getting different responses. Wendy’s has over 3.5 million followers and typically gets over 100 responses to their tweets, whereas Burger King has 1.8 million followers and get around 50 comments on their Tweets. Wendy’s works hard to seem relatable and humorous and really build a relationship with their followers outside of “hey, buy my products.”

Wendy’s really cornered the market on relatable and funny fast food brands before Burger King got the memo and it is impacting their success. Followers see Wendy’s as the OG funny fast food brand and maybe there isn’t room for another. Maybe Burger King needs to find a new voice on Twitter before they can get their crown back?

What fast food brand do you think holds the Twitter crown? Leave me a comment below!

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